New Insurance Benefits...

Event Liability/Participant Accident Insurance and Event Cancellation Insurance for Running USA Members

We are proud to introduce the  Running USA Member Event Liability/Participant Accident and Event Cancellation Insurance Benefits!  These programs have been created from the ground-up to address the unique exposures found at running events, both very large events as well as small, community runs.  If you are an active member of Running USA* and considering hosting an event, we highly encourage you to explore these member exclusive benefits.  

Running USA and the Nicholas Hill Group have developed these specialty running event insurance programs to cover the inherent risks involved for race directors and organizations that host runs and races.

Not a member of Running USA? Join here to take advantage of this, and many other benefits.

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Event Liability/Participant Accident Insurance

Event Cancellation Insurance

Please feel free to call us toll free at 1-844-840-1400 with any questions.

* These benefits are only available to active Running USA members.  Confirm your organizations membership status here, or email