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This site is published for most, but not all, residents of the United States of America.  Information concerning the identity, history and products of each insurance company represented by the Company is intended for residents of states in which theCompany is licensed.  No applications will be sought or accepted on behalf of any insurance company from a resident of a state in which the Company is not licensed.

Product Restrictions

Not all products are available in all states.  Misrepresentation restrictions may apply.  All applications for insurance are subject to underwriting qualification by the specific insurance company to which the application is submitted.  Availability of premium rates and policy forms may be changed by each insurer without prior notice.

Important Notice

Quotes are for educational purposes only.  These are only brief descriptions of company stability ratings and policy features.  Only the policies themselves contain governing contractual provisions.  If you're interested in a particular policy, we'll send you a complete package of information containing all state-required materials, including the Outline of Coverage.

We've worked hard to ensure the accuracy of this information.  However, policy provisions, financial ratings and laws are subject to change, so we cannot guarantee their accuracy.  Features and rates can vary by state.  A state "high risk program" is available in several states.  If you're interested, please call for details.   

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