At Nicholas Hill Group, Inc. (NHG), we like to consider ourselves innovators.  

We create custom insurance products for niche industries and organizations or introduce clients to products that suit their needs.

Our Active Lifestyle Division encourages clients to pursue their passion and lead healthier lifestyles through participation in safe athletic events and the pursuit of responsible outdoor recreation.  We do so by assisting each client in addressing their individual exposure through the design and ongoing management of innovative insurance products.

Our Industry Trade Division specializes in helping individuals, businesses and trade associations within select industries exceed their professional goals by limiting their exposure through the proper design of insurance and risk management products and services.

Clients include national governing bodies (NGBs), trade associations, membership organizations, affinity groups, 3rd party registration companies, ski resorts and a variety of sports and outdoor recreation related businesses.  We also proudly represent individuals who are pursuing their passion through active, healthy lifestyles.